Canary Islands

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Playa Blanca is Lanzarote’s third largest, and arguably it’s most upmarket resort.  Located on the south of the island it is famed for its peacefulness and its fantastic beaches.  Although peaceful, Playa Blanca certainly has enough to keep the whole family entertained with great restaurants, plenty of shops and fantastic recreational areas.

The ‘Marina Rubicon’ is the jewel in Playa Blanca’s crown; constructed in 2003, the marina is brimming with restaurants, shops and sports and leisure facilities.  It is centrally located and provides holidaymakers with plenty to do at any time of day or night.  There are around 15 restaurants and bars on the marina serving everything from tapas to Italian Cuisine.  ‘Cafe del Mar’ also provides a place where you can drink until the early hours in a relaxed environment.  There is even an art gallery on the marina and a twice weekly market where you can buy everything from jewellery to leather goods.

Papagyo Beaches
Papagayo Beaches, Lanzarote

The beaches in Playa Blanca are fantastic and you can find white sand here which is fairly rare in the Canaries.  The beaches in Papagayo are the best, a beautiful network of white sandy beaches situated in a nature reserve on the most southern tip of the island.  It’s about 15 minutes’ drive form Playa Blanca and as it’s a nature reserve there is also a toll of 3 Euros for entry.  Those wanting to turn up in style can get a water taxi from Playa Blanca!  You will not want to leave once you get there so it’s best to pack refreshments and any essentials you will need for a day on the beach.

Timanfaya National Park
Timanfaya National Park

If you fancy getting out of Playa Blanca and exploring there are lots of areas of natural beauty aside from the beaches.  You may want to take a hike up Montana Rojo, Lanzarote’s dormant volcano that looks down over Playa Blanca; visit the Janubio salt flats, the largest on the Canary Islands; or take a drive out to Timanfaya National Park to view the moon-like landscapes and experience the geo-thermal activity going on underground.  You can even have your dinner cooked at the ‘El Diablo’ Restaurant in the park that uses geothermal heat to cook their meals.

Playa Blanca really is the perfect family holiday resort.  You can eat fantastic food; enjoy great beaches and plenty of open space around the resort whatever the time of year.  Check out our selection of Playa Blanca Villas here and book your trip today.

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