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Villa Rental Quality vs Quantity

In the Holiday Home Advertising Industry do massive multi-national holiday home advertising websites mean few if any quality checks? Here at Panoramic Villas we know they do. We’re convinced we can do a much better job. Let us convince you!

Quality or Quantity?

Fact: The private rental markets are dominated by just a handful of massive multi-million pound operators offering tens of thousands of private properties, volume is well and truly the name of the game.

As a holidaymaker looking to book a holiday home they will have you believe that unless you book with them and through their payment gateway you are risking everything!! this really true.. What diligence and quality control if any is really in place?

Have any members of staff from these companies ever:

  1. Personally met the property owners?
  2. Visited the properties to make sure they actually exist?
  3. Visited the property and actually taken the photographs themselves to ensure accuracy?
  4. Will they give you your money back or re-house you in an alternative property should your chosen property prove not to exist?
Quality Verses Quality? You can book in total confidence with Panoramic Villas
Quality Verses Quality? You can book in total confidence with Panoramic Villas

At Panoramic Villas quality and quantity matters, we do things a little differently:

  1. We deal direct with our property owners.
  2. Wherever possible, we meet our owners personally, photograph the properties, check the standards and verify that the property actually exists.
  3. That’s why if despite all our best efforts for any reason your chosen property is not available… WE GUARANTEE – To give you your money back (see T&Cs) or re-house you in another property of a similar standard.  Leaving you with no owners or money to chase, no claims forms to fill in and a stress free holiday to enjoy.

We Care About Your Holiday Because Our Reputation Is Built On It!

Please see our website testimonials for customers who agree with the way we conduct our Holiday Home Booking Service

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