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Raining On Villa Parade

Villa Parade has now closed by Panoramic Villas

Here at Panoramic Villas we were shocked and ultimately disgusted at the way Villa Parade had conducted its recent business activity and the way that it had handled its termination of business.

Villa Parade logoVilla Parade had run up £6.5million pounds of debt that it knew it could not sustain but continued to trade and take trusting holidaymakers money. Villa Parade happily boasted its ABTA registration that millions of holidaymakers continue to have a belief in. It was ABTA that reviewed the company after concerns were highlighted by customers but still allowed it to trade and take further bookings that it could not sustain. It was only weeks before the company actually went bust that the trusted ABTA watchdog took any positive action. By then it was far too late and 1000’s of holidaymakers holidays had been jeopardised.

This type of irresponsible action by Villa Parade only damages the good name of the villa industry that many of us work hard on a continuous daily basis to develop and uphold.

Villa Parade website screen capture - NOW CLOSED
Villa Parade website screen capture – NOW CLOSED

These actions have left many holidaymakers in dire straits and we genuinely feel for these customers who have worked hard all year to put the money together to book a villa holiday in the sunshine and deserve to be treated far better than this.

Panoramic Villas Guarantee Your Holiday!

Find out how Panoramic Guarantee Your HolidayAt Panoramic Villas we offer complete security for customers who book their holiday home with us. As a booking agent acting on behalf of independent home owners we guarantee 100% all our customers’ rental funds. This covers our holidaymakers in any situation whereby the villa is not made available by the property owner as agreed in the terms and conditions. We either re-house the guests in a suitable alternative of the same standard or better or return the full rental monies.  Even if the owner fails to return those monies to us we still stand these funds for our customers.

Please see our testimonials page from customers who we have found holiday homes for:

If you are worried about Panoramic Villas then first of all don’t be, we take our corporate responsibility with complete gravity. Unlike many of our Villa competitors who prefer big and bold, we operate with control and quality over a small cross section of hand-picked holiday homes of which the majority have been visited by our own agents and personally verified. We do not run and manage the holiday villas ourselves. As such we are never over stretched as a business and are able to operate without incurring high levels of debt in acquiring the properties, unlike Villa Parade.

If the unimaginable did happen and Panoramic Villas ceased to trade then your funds are also safe as the rental monies are all paid direct to the villa owner so your funds would be safe with them and never caught up in any liquidation.

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