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Stay Safe in the Sun

Stay safe in the sun - Travel guide by Panoramic Villas

Sunbathing or enjoying spending time in the sun is all part of a holiday but it is vital that you and your family stay safe in the sunshine. Cases of skin cancer are on the rise in the UK and it is not always easy to tell when your skin is being damaged by the sun until it is too late. Here are a few simple tips that should keep you safe in the sun this summer.

Choose the Right Sunscreen

There is no such thing as ‘sun block.’ Sunscreens contain SPF that will protect your skin from the sun, but they won’t block the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays completely. The SPF is not an indication of how strong the cream is, it tells you how long you will keep your skin protected for. If your skin burns after 10 minutes without protection and you opt for a factor 30 SPF you should theoretically be protected for 300 minutes (30 multiplied by 10.) It is always best to reapply every few hours anyway and more if you are in and out of the water. Applying a factor 15 cream and topping up with factor 20 does not mean you have an SPF of 35 either!

Stay safe in the sun with a good hat, sunscreen, glasses and plenty of fluids
Stay safe in the sun with a good hat, sunscreen, glasses and plenty of fluids

Apply the Right Amount of Sunscreen

As a general rule, apply more than you think you need. You need to make sure you have a good covering and if you can’t reach those bits on your back or the back of your neck get someone else to apply it for you because those bits WILL burn! Remember to do all those little areas like the tops of your ears and your feet too as they are areas that people always forget to cover properly. You need to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you go into the sun as it takes this long for it to start working.

Wear the Right Clothing

Sunscreen is not the only effective way of blocking out UV rays, clothing can also be very effective. For children UV suits are great because they can wear them in the water and you can also get clothing up to an SPF of 50 for adults too. Wear a hat if you are out in direct sunlight as this can prevent sunstroke and remember to protect your eyes too with sunglasses that block UV.

Stay in the Shade When the Sun is at its Hottest

When the sun is at its hottest, between 12pm and 3pm try not to sit in it for too long. Take some time in the shade, go for a swim and drink plenty of fluids around this time to keep hydrated.

If you are flying out of Manchester Airport Terminal One this week (between 23rd and 29th June) you can have a free skin analysis as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust’s Shunburn campaign.  Experts from the University of Manchester will be giving advice on how to stay safe in the sun, how best to apply suncream and how to prevent premature skin damage.

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