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FREE Sunscreen App – Stay Safe in the Sun

The time has arrived for your summer holidays, you pack your bags and head off for a sunnier climate and look forward to the long hot warm days. There’s nothing that makes us feel better than the warmth of the sun on a beautiful sunny day by the poolside. However, do you know how long you can safely stay out in the sun without getting burnt?

If like me, you’re not sure how long this is, then you might be interested in this FREE iPhone App called ‘Sunscreen‘, developed by

Sunscreen App Screen Shots

This simple app works out how long you can stay in the sun by calculating the ultraviolet (UV) rays for your location, you add the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) number and your skin type. You are then presented with a screen that provides a summary of your choices and a countdown timer for the recommended time.

The Sunscreen App Features include:

  • Sunbathing Timer
  • Alarm
  • Interactive UV Map Forecast
  • Comprehensive Sunbathing Guidelines

This apps is great to use when on holiday and especially useful for children and people with fair skin types. Following the helpful advice and guidelines will see you safely becoming a golden god or goddess, while avoiding the dreaded sunburn.

Looking for a Sunshine Holiday Destination?

Find your next Holiday Home Rental and top up your tan safely with the Sunscreen App.

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