The Big TV Switch Off

If you have a home in Spain or holidayed there recently you will probably be aware that big changes are afoot when it comes to what British TV channels are going to be available over there in the coming months. Here’s the latest update on what you’re going to lose and what you can do to keep up with your favourite programmes…

Whilst not all areas of Spain will be affected by the change in satellite beaming your favourite channels to Spain; one thing is certain it will affect Andalucía and therefore the Costa del Sol.  Channel 5 has already been wiped out due to changes at the end of 2012 and the other ‘freeview’ British channels including ITV and BBC 1 & 2 will be following suit very soon.

The Big TV Switch Off: Losing Freeview, ITV and BBC channels on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is due to lose more Freeview channels before the end of July

The problems is that the new satellites that have been put in place cannot pick up these UK channels due to their positioning so all UK channels will be lost (apart from some HD channels available on Sky). This is due to happen in prime time holiday season, probably towards the end of July. While most people go on holiday to sit outside in the sunshine, rather than watch TV there is no denying that some people will be just a little bit miffed about having to miss the latest episode of Coronation Street and for expats on the Costa this is a nightmare!

The satellite changes have been made so that viewers in remote areas of the UK like Northern Scotland can get a better signal but it means that homeowners and holidaymakers going to Andalucia, Portugal or the Canary Islands will have to wave UK channels goodbye. Most Sky channels will still be received as these run off a ‘pan European beam’ that can still be picked up in Southern Spain.

Luckily there are other options for homeowners on the Costa del Sol that don’t want to miss out on their favourite TV shows. As a previous article we published back in January explained…

For more information on how to pick up Internet TV visit

Our advice is to act now as this is going to happen whether you like it or not!

Click on the following update on the Costa del Sol UK TV Switch Off for the latest information.

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