Top 10 Best Things About Going on Holiday

It’s getting to that time of year when all thoughts are consumed with the big holiday countdown.  ‘How many more weeks, days and hours do I have to endure this miserable weather for?’ is something you start to ask on a daily basis.  Work becomes harder to concentrate on as your mind drifts to thoughts of lazing by the pool… We all know that holidays are the best times of the whole year but what are the ultimate best bits?  Here are my thoughts on that…

  1. Stepping off the plane.  We’ve all enjoyed this moment.  You’ve sat cramped up in an aeroplane for hours and you can’t wait to get out and get your holiday started.  You take your first step off the plane and you are hit with the amazing warmth that only being on holiday can bring…You’ve arrived!  Not even the journey on the slowest bus ever to the airport terminal can ruin this buzz.
  2. Taking a dip in the pool.  Taking your first dip in the pool on holiday is always amazing.  In the UK a trip to the pool involves trudging off down to the leisure centre and avoiding veruccas before getting into an indoor pool full of other humans swimming very closely to you.  Jumping into your private pool at your villa you realise you have all the space you want to swim lengths, float around on a lilo or dive bomb as much as you like.  The sense of freedom is liberating.
  3. Realising you can snooze when you like.  Unfortunately it is not deemed as acceptable to take a nap at 3pm in the afternoon whilst at home or at work (unless you are under 4.)  When you are holiday however, these rules do not apply so afternoon naps on your sun lounger are completely the norm; all that lounging makes your eyelids very heavy so just go for it. N.B if you are travelling with children it’s a good idea for one adult to stay awake long enough to supervise them though!
  4. You can eat what you like.  So what if you fancy a packet of chocolate biscuits for breakfast; ‘YOU’RE ON HOLIDAY!’  It would be rude not to try out every flavour of ice cream available at the local restaurant, eat a whole basket of bread before your starter has arrived or devour a huge steak every night!  You spend your life on a diet at home so why not just undo all your good work in one week and just eat what you want.  Life is too short and ‘YOU’RE ON HOLIDAY!’
  5. You can drink a beer at Midday (without being labelled as an alcoholic.) Now I’m not condoning drinking irresponsibly but you have to admit that having an ice cold beer by the pool with your lunch is very nice.  If you cracked open a can at your desk at home it would be another matter but you’ve got to live dangerously when you’re on holiday; you’ve only got a short time to pack as much fun in as possible!  Get those beers down you!
  6. You can buy a ridiculous amount of new clothes that you’ll only wear for one week of the year. Everyone (or at least every woman) knows that going on holiday and wearing the same outfits as last year is not acceptable.  What if someone sees your holiday pictures from last year and realises you’ve worn that before?  How awful!  Holiday shopping is all part of the fun, even if it does entail trawling through Primark and buying loads of items for £2 that you’ll never wear again.   N.B you also need at least 5 bikinis for a 1 week stay; it’s the law.
  7. You can show off to your mates. Since the rise of social media showing off to your mates about how great your holiday is is even easier.  Before you’d have to wait until you got home to brag and show off your pictures after they had been developed at Jessops (or other photo shops), now it’s as easy as taking a snap of you by the pool and posting it to Facebook for everyone at home to be sick with envy over.  Instagram has made things even worse by making pictures look even better!  (This is particularly enjoyable if you go on a winter sunshine holiday and everyone is freezing to death at home in the dark!)
  8. You can check your tanning progress daily.  Even if you are fair skinned and you are slapping on the factor 50 every day (which everyone should be by the way) you can’t deny the thrill of checking your white marks when you have your shower at the end of each day.  ‘Oh man!  I’m going to look so flippin’ tanned when I get home!’ (At least that’s what I say to myself anyway.)
  9. You can buy yourself rubbish gifts. Silver jewellery and fake sunglasses that you would never dream of buying at home but who cares ‘YOU’RE ON HOLIDAY!’  You’ve always really needed a fake Rolex and lamp made from a vegetable.
  10. You can find your ‘holiday song.’ There’s always a new ‘holiday song’ every year; FACT.  These days it’s usually something by Pitbull, Flo Rida.  Whether you like it or not you are going to love this song and it will remind you of all the great times spent on holiday…and reduce you to tears wishing you were there when you get home…

So that’s my top 10.  If you want to start off your holiday countdown and get a step closer to living the dream on your own holiday then check out our great selection of holiday rentals now.

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