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Villas v’s Hotels

So you’re starting to think about booking your holiday for next year. Once all the festive fun is over you will need something to look forward to. The big question is ‘Where do we go?’ Not only is the choice of country a hard one but then you have to contend with the huge choice of different types of properties on offer these days. The choice of whether to stay in a hotel or a private villa is a tough one but we are well and truly convinced that when it comes to Villas v’s Hotels the Villa reigns supreme and here are the reasons why…

1. You don’t have to put up with other guests if you stay in a villa. Okay, people watching around the pool may be pretty good fun for about an hour but once you’ve been splashed by children bombing into the pool and had to listen to families rowing over who has the lilo it soon gets tedious.

2. Villas are more child friendly. You can enjoy far more relaxing evenings out on the terrace while the kids are safely tucked up in bed, there’s no fun in sitting in the hotel room all night staring at walls while they sleep. Added to this is having a private pool where you can keep an eye on the children more easily and having more space generally for them to race around is always a bonus!

3. Villas are more cost effective. Splitting the cost of a villa between two families or larger groups of friends is often far cheaper than forking out for separate hotel rooms. Our large villas have plenty of space for you to relax and most have en-suite bathrooms or even separate studios or apartments t offer even more privacy. You can also save money by staying in. Villas have comfortable living rooms, with TVs and DVD players or a terrace with views where you can sit out and enjoy a few drinks, so if you feel like staying in and saving money on a few evenings you’ll still have an enjoyable time doing it.

4. You can self cater if you want to. Hotel rooms may have towels made into swan shapes and complimentary toiletries but they are not much use if you fancy cooking up an omelette at 10pm, unless you want the exorbitant room service charges. Villas have fully equipped kitchens so you can prepare meals when and where you want and also have plenty of fridge space to keep your drinks chilling (it won’t cost you £10 if you take a packet of M&Ms out of there either.)

5. There’s no race for sun loungers every morning. You have your own private terrace and/or garden with plenty of space to relax and unwind. You can do what you like (within reason) around your private pool without offending anyone or breaking hotel rules.

6. Villa holidays give you more freedom. Staying in a villa feels like being in a home from home. You can do what you want, when you want. You don’t have to be at the breakfast buffet for 8am to get fed; you can listen to the music you like by your own pool; you can park your car on your private driveway and not have to pay for parking or walk miles to get it when you want to go out; you don’t have to watch cheesy hotel entertainers while you eat your dinner…need I say more!

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