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Find Your Favourite Travel Blog: 103 Of The Best Travel Sites On The Web

Looking to ignite your passion for travel? Want to find a site that’ll offer up tonnes of advice on where you’re heading on your next trip?

A quick Google search will show you that there are hundreds of travel blogs out there for every topic and every location, making finding the best of the best a struggle. But we don’t think getting inspired or educating yourself about budget and staying safe while travelling should be difficult. That’s why we have put together a complete guide on the best travel blogs out there. From finding a blog to suit your adventurous streak or to just get inspired with some of the best travel Instagram accounts, we’ve scoured the internet so you don’t have to.

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We all want to travel, but not all of us can afford to up sticks and hit the road. If you’re looking for some advice on how to travel on a budget and make the most of your trip with the money you have these are the blogs for you.

Budget Traveller32K Followers

After finding himself paying extortionate amounts in tuition fees to live and study in Scotland, Kash found that he had to feed his passion of travelling, but on a budget. His blog is where he shares all the tips and tricks he learnt along the way.

The Ordinary Traveller


A lot of budget travel blogs are centred on packing up your things and hitting the road full time. But in 2009, when Christy and Scott started their blog they weren’t looking for venture out on the road full time. They wanted to hold down their jobs, grow a family, and travel. If this sounds like you, Ordinary Traveller is the place to visit.

Around the World in 80 Jobs

After graduating in 2007, Turner decided to hit the road and make for South America. In 2008 when the recession hit it was time for him to figure out how to do the thing he loved without the budget that’s usually required. Today his blog is crammed full of information on how you can go travelling without a jam packed bank account.

Ladies line up, because we have scraped the web to pick out the very best female travel bloggers on Earth. They’ll inspire your next trip, select the best outfits for your next holiday, and help you stay safe.

The Blonde Abroad445K Followers

The Blonde Abroad is the ultimate travel blog for women. Covering everything from style to where the best places are to shop, you won’t be short of tips and tricks here. The site is beautifully designed, too helping you find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Alex in Wanderland77K Followers

After doing the obligatory full-time job thing, Alex decided to leave her job and buy a one way ticket out of America. She has since spent years on the road experiencing diverse cultures, incredible shops, and learning everything there is to know about travel. Alex in Wanderland is where she shares all her stories and her tips.

Soul Drifters


The two Lisa’s share not just the same name and birthday month, but a passion for travel, too. They’ve hit 15 countries on their travels so far and have plenty more to come. Follow their journey over on their blog, Soul Drifters.

Helen in Wonderlust2K Followers

Helen in Wonderlust is a travel blog ‘aimed at travellers who are seeking immersive travel experiences’. Back in 2009 she left her job and hit the road. Since then she has travelled the world and provides tonnes of tips and recommendation on her blog.

My Travel Affairs16.2K Followers

Run and authored by ‘recovering tax attorney’ Amber, With Husband n Tow follows the adventures of Amber and her hubbie as they travel the globe looking for new adventures.

We couldn’t cover the best travel blogs for women without taking a look at some of the best guy orientated travel sites out there. Remember, this isn’t a definitive list, but more of a rundown of our favourites. Take a look below.

Minority Nomad


Erick Prince is on a quest. He aims to become the first African American to visit every country in the world. So far he’s covered 93 of them and he uses his site to help share his adventures with us, the readers! There are tonnes of cool, engaging, and useful videos on the site, too if you aren’t a big reader.

True Nomads

True Nomads is a wonderfully designed site that’s full to the brim with useful bits of information for the discerning traveller. The aim of the site is to ‘travel the world and save money while doing it’, and in turn help you do the exact same thing.

The Hungry Partier


If you are a traveller with a penchant for partying then you have found your new homepage. The Hungry Partier is the best blog out there for those looking for nightlife guides and party recommendations from around the world.

The Nomadic Boys


Members of the LBGT community should spend a little time on the Nomadic Boys site. Run by Stefan & Sebastian, the site explores the best gay bars and communities throughout the world from their perspective. It’s full of useful tips and some handy recipes, too!

Many people that love to travel also share a love of photography. The two go hand in hand. See the world, experience new cultures, and capture it all on film. But there are so many of them! Here we’ve created a rundown of our ten favourite travel photography blogs out there.

Just One Way Ticket


Just One Way Ticket is run by Sab, a keen photographer with a real passion for travelling. She’s been on the road since 2010 and gathered a tonne of funny anecdotes and cool pictures. Get some travel inspo over at her site!

Travel to be Alive


Combining stunning photography and actionable tips, Travel to be Alive is the perfect place to find inspiration for your very own travel adventures. It’s a super fun blog and one you should definitely add to your bookmarks!

Kirsten Lana228K Followers

Passionate photographer Kirsten has a passion for travel and adventure, making her blog a must-visit for anyone looking to get inspired to travel the world. Some of her past clients include Ted Baker and AirFrance. She’s now focussed on travelling and capturing every experience she has.

Benjamin Hardman


Benjamin Hardman is an Australian photographer based in Iceland. His stunning work captures the changing seasons in Iceland throughout the year. The stark images will surely inspire your thirst for adventure and might even inspire you to try your hand at photography while out on your travels.

Juliette Charvet


Based in New York, Juliette is a travel photographer with a wealth of experience. Her work has taken her all over the world where she has captured images that tell a story, not just of the subject, but of the culture surrounding them, too.

Jonathon Collins

Collins is another Australian photographer whose work can truly inspire travel. The aim of his work, he says, is ‘to showcase that every corner of the world has a story to tell’. His work covers travel, culture, and people in a way that no one else can.

Daniel Tom

San Fransisco based photographer, Dan Tom specialises in photographing lifestyle subjects and landscapes. His astounding work explores landscapes from around the world, including Norway & British Columbia. His Instagram account is well worth a follow, too.

Seattles Travels


Seattle Travels, despite first appearances, has nothing to do with Seattle. Seattle is a twenty-something woman who’s keen on travelling and capturing each adventure on her camera. Head over to her blog to check out the most exciting places she’s visited!

Not all of us are looking to travel on a shoestring. Some want to save up and splash out on their travels. And that’s fine! If you’re looking to delve into the luxury travel world here are a few blogs you’ll want to check out.

The Travelista


Jess Gibson, founder and editor of Travelista is a 26 year old blogger. Originally, the site was meant to help document her adventures as an aspiring travel writer but within a few years it grew into her full time role. It now acts as ‘travel inspiration in an honest, chatty, and unpretentious way’.

World of Wanderlust


Run by a 24 year old Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust, documents one travellers adventure to see the world one country at a time. Since starting, the site has grown and grown and now even has five other specially chosen contributors working from around the globe.

Luxe Adventure Traveler


An award winning travel blog, Luxe Adventure Traveler follows the luxury adventures of Jennifer & Tim, two professional travel writers with a passion for wine. If you’re looking for some hot-tips on your next destination, this is the site for you.

Absolute Travel


The Absolute Travel blog covers a diverse range of luxury travel topics – from finding hidden gems in places like Thailand to books that’ll help you get through Peru – there’s something for everyone. The site’s design makes navigation super simple, too!

If you’re the adventurous type then we don’t doubt you are looking for some travel blogs that pack a little more punch; some blogs that’ll invigorate your adventurous side and motivate you to get out on the road as soon as possible. Check out our favourites below…

The Planet D


If you need a little push to step outside your comfort zone and strike out on an adventure, the Planet D can help. Run by the adventurous couple Dave and Deb, the site is a huge resource for tips and tricks on how to start, find, and make the most of your next adventure.

Expert Vagabond


Matt Karsten is a full-time adventure with a love for travel and photography. His blog is where he shares all of his exciting stories, travel tips & secrets, and inspirational videos. Matt’s aim is to inspire others to hit the road in search of adventure and that’s exactly what the blog provides.

Nomad Revelations50K Followers

Nomad Revelations is an adventure travel blog with 16 years’ worth of info, narratives, and adventure chronicles that’ll kick-start your interest in travelling. The site is jam-packed with tonnes of useful information that you can get started with straight away.

XPat Matt28K Followers

Outdoors adventurer, travel writer, and photographer, Matt Gibson has created a site that’s a must visit for anyone looking to go on an adventure. The blog features interviews with other like-minded explorers, inspiration, photo essays and so much more.

If you love travelling the world or want to get started on a travel journey of your own then you’ll probably want to help preserve the cultures, environments, and nature you travel through. But travelling can sometimes have some detrimental side-effects on the world around us. Here are some of our favourite ‘green’ travel blogs that will help you stay eco-friendly on the road.


Green Global Travel


Bret & Mary are two environmentally conscious travellers that aim to promote and spread sustainable philosophies of ecotourism and conservation. They confess that they aren’t experts, but their devotion to helping readers go greens is unrivalled. Definitely check this blog out.

Soul Travel Blog


The Soul Travel blog has been created, not just to help new budding travellers, but to help ‘protect travel’, too. The goals to explore how people can travel both sustainably and mindfully, and have a positive impact on the traveller and the places we visit.

Mostly Amelie


Amelie is a solo world traveller and vegan. Her beautifully written blog is a careful curation of advice, exciting stories, and wonderful anecdotes about her thrilling life and time on the road. If you’re looking to get inspired to travel, and do it in an eco-friendly way, look no further than Mostly Amelie.

Baby-boomer Blogs

Many people believe that travelling the world is reserved for a younger generation; those who haven’t yet placed their feet on the career ladder, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone can travel and at any age. These blogs are testament to that fact and help people of an older generation gain the confidence to strike out on their own.

50 Shades of Age


The aim of 50 Shades of Age is to inspire older women to try travel and feel more empowered. Her posts are inspirational and can help many women of an older generation get into their swing and feel just as active as they did when they were younger.

You’re young. You have your whole life ahead of you. Why not spend right now travelling? You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine about the world and the people who inhabit it. You’ll experience cultures you never ever dreamed existed. You’ll make friends for life. What could be better? Check out our favourite blogs for millenials here.

The Urban Millennial


This stylish site is a millennial lifestyle blog with a tonne of travel content thrown in. Not only does it help millienials get up to date on travel news, it helps them through a whole host of life hurdles along the way, too.

Young Adventuress


This site is a ‘no-filter vaguely chronological space filled with stories’ of Liz Carlson’s adventures. She’s a 28 year old traveller who has been out on the road for quite some time. After some back and forth with jobs, she decided to go full time with blogging and she now shares all her travel tips online!

Stories my Suitcase Could Tell


Run by journalist and Scottish expat Katie, Stories my Suitcase Could Tell is a collection of great tips, tricks, and advice on travel. The advice applies to travelling both home and abroad, too, so don’t give this site a miss.

Seeing as we have a host of breathtaking villas in Spain, we thought we’d collate some of our favourite guides on for people considering visiting us. These guides are comprehensive and show you some of the most popular places to visit all year round.

Nomadic Matt Spanish Travel Guide

Nomadic Matt has already featured in our best male travel bloggers section, and for good reason he’s made it into our article again. His travel guide and tips on Spain are second to none. There’s a huge amount of detail helping you hone in on all the tips and tricks you’re looking for.

Michelin Travel’s Guide to Spain

Michelin Travel have a super neat guide one Spain. It’s broken down into restaurants, areas you should visit, and essential information you should know before you get there. It’s simple to navigate, too, ensuring you can find the information you need when you need it.

Lonely Plant’s Guide to Spain

Lonely Planet are perhaps the most famous writers of travel guides on the web. The detailed that they pour into their guides is second to none, so expect to find everything you need to know about Spain – from the best time to visit to staying healthy.

Our Guide to Mijas

We weren’t going to put together our ultimate blog list without giving ourselves a little credit now, were we? If you are heading to one of our spectacular Mijas villas soon check out our guide to the whitewash town. We cover everything from the best attractions to visit to where you can enjoy the nightlife.

If you are hoping to catch a little travel inspiration on the go then you probably jump straight to Instagram. It’s great visual platform for showing off some hidden corners of the world, and there are some Instagrammers who excel at capturing stunning images. Here are our ten favourites.

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a professional photographer who has amassed 2.7 million followers with his incredible images of the places he visits.

Be My Travel Muse

The Be My Travel Muse Instagram is run by travel blogger and photography fanatic Kristin. If you need a travel muse, you’ve just found one.

Expert Vagabond

Matt from the Expert Vagabond loves adventure and travel. On his exciting journeys he captures some incredible photos, the best of which can be viewed on his Instagram account.

Girl Eat World

Love food? Love travel? This is the only Instagram account you need to see. The great images show off local delicatessens and stunning scenery. What more could you want!?

Fun for Louis

Luis Cole is an adventure junkie who constantly travels. Perhaps best known for his Youtube vlogs he’s inspired thousands. Check out his Instagram to find out just where about in the world he is!

Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana

Passionate story teller, incredible photographer, avid traveller – three statements that sum Kirsten Alana up. Check out her Instagram account to get inspired.

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