Costa del Sol Mijas

A Scenic Walk to Mijas


This walk is for those holiday makers lucky enough to be renting a villa in La Sierrezuela, Mijas Costa on the Costa del Sol. It is a wonderful location sitting between Mijas and Fuengirola.

So if you’re not, sorry this doesn´t apply to you!

Anyway, if you are staying in any of the 14 properties in La Sierrezuela that are listed below read on. This energetic walk may be of interest to you…

Casa Paseros, Villa Sonja, Villa Mariposas, Casa Sol, Villa Amelia, Villa Mimosas, Casa Sisu, Villa Alegria, Arcadia Villas 1 & 2, Villa Hope, Villa Los Caballos, Villa Corrib, and Villa Melocoton.

FIRSTLY… we are advised by the author of this particular blog, a Panoramic owner who lives on La Sierrezuela who has done this walk on numerous occasions that this is not a walk for the whole family. It’s definitely not suitable for the elderly or the very young (below teenager.) It’s tough with a lot of climbing, and depending on the temperature, very tough indeed, it will probably take you the best part of two hours. It is certainly not the quickest way from La Sierrezuela to Mijas on foot but it probably is the most scenic and the most tranquil, you won´t encounter many other cars or people along the way.

There lies a potential problem if half way there you decide you have had enough, you might wait a while for a bus, or struggle to tell a taxi exactly where you are. Basically, you’ve got to be committed to finishing the walk once you start it!

If you’re going for it, here is the minimum criteria:

  • You should be fit to walk a very tough two hours, much of it up hill… Mijas is high in the clouds.
  • Take plenty of water with you.
  • Make sure you apply sun cream and take some to top up along the way.
  • Wear decent footwear; flip flops will not do the trick.
  • Take a mobile phone in case of emergency.

We could go on and make it sound like you are navigating Everest, it’s not of course, but you must be sure you are doing this at your own risk. It is a fantastic walk that will enhance your holiday but we want you to be aware that it’s not a walk in the park!

ARE YOU UP FOR IT? La Sierrezuela to Mijas HERE WE GO…

Click to Download the La Sierrezuela to Mijas Directions.pdf.

  1. Starting point – El Potro restaurant, La Sierrezuela.
  2. Passing El Potro on the right, take the second left into ‘Rosas’, at the crossroads at the bottom of Rosas turn right continue along a short distance until you see the refuse bins at the junction of Pozos and Paseros.
  3. Turn left into Pozos. Follow Pozos all the way along passing the garden refuse dump on the left, immediately past this you will see a gravel track on your left (By Villa No 145); take this track and continue to drop down immediately to your left, cross the dry river bed and pass under the two motorway bridges with the multi coloured artwork painted on them.
    3. Pass under the bridge with bright artwork on.
  4. Follow the dirt track up to the left passing “Mathew James” storage on the left. Follow this road right to the end, facing you is a small brick hut, to your left is Mijas golf apartments to your right a dirt track, take the track to the right, stay on the right track, NOT the small dirt track heading off left.
  5. As the track splits again take the lower right track, follow the sign “Venta Finca La Tasca’ Follow this road for quite some distance, just keep going.
    Mijas Walk
    5. Follow the sign “Venta Finca La Tasca’
  6. Eventually, you will drop down and cross another dry river, continue straight on heading up and bearing to your left, soon you will see a large old grey concrete cattle shed, turn right just before this, you will drop down a steep bank before beginning to climb all the way back up.
  7. As you reach the end of this road you will arrive at a T junction (this is the back road to Mijas), turn left here. You will continue on this road for some considerable distance.
  8. However, in a short while you will come to a split in the road. Right is sign posted Mijas Pueblo /La Alqueria… continue to head left/straight on (both roads do end up at the same spot but it’s better to continue left.)
  9. Stay on this road for what seems an eternity, as you finally come to its end bear left. Keep looking left and follow the signs ‘Salida’ meaning ‘Way Out.’
  10. Keep climbing up to the left and you will see facing you a small hut with “Mijas La Nueva” written at the top (Carob bar to the left )… Turn right here, do not deviate from this winding, road, it will take you all the way into Mijas .
  11. Carry straight on passing “Bar Naranjos“ on your right. 5 minutes more and you will arrive in Mijas. Continue to climb up and up until finally you arrive at the T junction at the entrance to Mijas.
  12. Turn right and follow the white washed street (bottom rd) all the way into Mijas´ famous bustling square. CONGRATULATIONS…YOU DID IT!

We suggest you may not wish to walk home!! After lunch, sightseeing and numerous liquid refreshments head down to the lower square and jump into a taxi home… ‘La Sierrezuela por favour!’

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