The Best Sun Creams

With the unusually hot weather we’ve had in the UK for the last few weeks the need for a good sun cream has become even greater.  There is so much choice these days that it’s hard to know what factor you should be buying and what make of cream will suit your needs.  Here is a quick guide to sun cream and some of the best buys around.

It is pretty obvious that the paler your skin is the more likely you are to burn in the sun and the higher risk of getting skin cancer.  Red heats and those with freckles are categorized as skin type 1-2 and should really be using a minimum of SPF30.  Skin types 3 & 4 account for the majority of Europeans and with medium skin tone.  It is recommended that this group use a SPF 15.  Categories 5-7 are dark Asians and Africans who have a low risk of burning.  Black skin actually has a natural SPF of 10 but those worried about aging should use an SPF15 to protect their skin.

Now for our pick of the best sun creams…

Best For Kids – P20 (rrp around £20 for 100ml)

P20 has been a firm favourite amongst holidaymakers for years.  It is particularly good for children as its once-a-day application means that you don’t have to chase your kids down the beach or drag them out of the pool to lather them up with cream several times a day.  You simply apply the lotion (which is more of a liquid than a cream) 15 minutes before you are heading out into the sun and then you are protected for up to 10 hours, simple!  It’s not quite so good if you need a higher protection that SPF20 or if you want to protect from aging as creams will do a better job but it’s perfect for kids that like to be in and out of the water all day.

The Best Budget Sun Cream – ALDI Lacura Sun Care (priced form £2.79 for 100ml)

ALDI’s Lacura skin care range has been making waves for quite a while now with their face creams and body lotions attracting great reviews.  Their sun care range is no different; all their products have 5 star UV protection and SPFs range from a factor 10 oil spray up to a factor 50 kids sun lotion.  The creams are really easy to run in and non-greasy (I made the mistake of paying more for Nivea creams this year and they were nowhere near as easy to run in!)  They also smell delicious.  The sprays are great for easy application and with prices at less than £3 for 100ml you can’t go wrong!

The Best ‘Deluxe’ Range – Lancaster Suncare (rrp around £17 – £24 per 125ml)

On the few occasions I have splashed out for really good sun cream Lancaster has always been my favourite.  Now that I’m over 30 (it had to happen sooner or later!) a cream that moisturises well and protects against aging is just as important as important as the SPF factor.  Lancaster also do an after sun range that really leaves your skin feeling gorgeous.  A good tip if you are going to invest in a more expensive, quality sun cream like this wait to buy it at the airport in duty free.  Alternatively check out discount shops like TK Maxx that stock lots of ‘designer’ beauty products at a fraction of the price.

Book your next Panoramic Villas holiday now and get that sun cream out!

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