Costa del Sol Mijas Spain

Meandering around Mijas

Meandering around Mijas, looking for gifts for the family?

Sauntering around the beautiful white streets of the village, stumbling upon small independent shops selling a mix of artisan products, traditional handicrafts and fun souvenirs.

Mijas is well known for local traditional ceramics- colourful decorative bowls, vases and plates found in many shops in the village. The white walls of Mijas are internal as well as external and many shops display the ceramics hung on the walls. There is a strong historical Moroccan influence in Andalucía, due to this you will find many shops in Mijas sell traditional Moroccan carpets and rugs. Leather goods such as jackets, boots and hats from Morocco can also be bought.

La Luna Restaurant, El Coto

If you are in search of a more luxurious unique gift you can find stunning jewellery which offer sapphires, rubies and emeralds, all in 18ct gold. Or you may opt for the truly traditional gift such as olive oils, wooden flamenco castanets and Spanish sweets.

Visiting El Corte Ingles: the Costa Mijas Shopping Centre will be similar to shopping at home you’ll find with the top national and international brand names in fashion, accessories, home furnishings, entertainment, culture, electronics, sports.

Shopping in Constitution Square in Mijas, you will feel the Spanish ambience and see Moroccan rugs and other traditional carpets hanging from the balconies of shops.

The abundance of little craft shops are oozing with postcards, magnets, fans, paintings, jewellery as well as traditional Spanish ornaments also you can find some lovely scarves and shawls.









Renting a villa in Mijas allows you to explore Mijas Pueblo and the great shopping. It mustn’t be forgotten that there are some wonderful handmade clothes available e.g. some beautiful cardigans and poncho-like cloaks.

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