Rent a Villa in Mijas – Visit Selwo Adventure Park

Visiting Selwo is a must for any ages when staying in the Costa del Sol. Rent a villa in Mijas and you can be centrally based to venture around the surrounding area.

Selwo Adventure Park is an exceptional spacious animal, nature and adventure park. It is located in located in Estepona down the coast from Mijas. The park is magnificent and is designed covering a large expanse, you travel around the park on foot but also can experience a Serengeti Safari in safari trucks up and down fun terrain and around reserve lakes and this creates a safari adventure too, different than just visiting a zoo. If you’re lucky you may be able to feed the animals. You can stop off for a quick camel ride also!

After this believe me you will be grateful to get back and relax, maybe need a swim to loosen certain muscles… what better way to unwind than in an exquisite villa in Mijas (SP145) with your own private pool and breath-taking views.

mijas villa

In Selwo there are more than 2.000 animals from across the whole Planet living in conditions similar to those of their natural habitat. There are three territories you will be able to experience, Bird Canyon, Central Village and Natures Portico. You’ll see elephants, Bengal tigers, tall giraffes, white rhinoceros, chubby hippos, lion’s, zebras …and many more including the only Asian elephant to be born in Spain- “Kanvar”. The fun doesn’t stop there! Selwo Adventure has a diverse range of adventure activities such as the longest zip wire in Europe, Archery, “Karuka”, these are trampolines that allow you to reach a height of 8m and do gymnastics at the same time!

You can socialise with wallabies too!

After you fun packed day you can make you way back to your Villa in Mijas to carry on chatting and sharing the fun you’ve had over an alfresco dinner and large glass of wine.

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