Why choose the quaint village of Mijas? Rent a Mijas Villa and find out.

Back in the 1970s, Robert Redford discovered the village of Mijas and fell in love with the town. After his visit, he returned with his family and settled for a year. Today Mijas is still an enchanting pretty white town that has many excellent restaurants and local shops. Renting one of our Mijas Villas would allow you to capture some of the feelings Robert discovered and fall in love with Mijas as he did.

Perched high on the mountainside Mijas is typical Andalusian village. It is one of the most visited white villages in Spain. Panoramic Mijas Villas offer the opportunity to stay in a beautiful location with spectacular views. (SP188)

So due to the tourism, is its tradition and history ruined?

No, Mijas has maintained its charm and character. The narrow winding streets lined with white-washed buildings offer shops selling local ceramics, jewellery and leather-work. Historical places not to be missed include the Carromato de Max miniature museum, The Virgen de la Peña sanctuary, San Sebastian church, The local crafts museum in the old town hall, The church of the Inmaculada Concepción and the Muralla gardens with the remains of the old city walls and the wine museum.

After strolling round you can find one of the many open air terraces that are found all over Mijas, or the terrace at your villa (SP137) and capture the ambience and if you find the right terrace spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding mountains.

One of the main enjoyments of our holidays is eating out. Getting dressed up and meandering round the village to find a great place of fine dining and wine. In the Mijas area there is a large variety of restaurants to choose from and there’s something to suit all pockets.

One of the joys of eating out in this region is the welcoming hospitality of the Andalucians. Family and friends usually start early with tapas and continue eating until well after midnight. Talking Laughing and sharing quality time. Strolling back to your Villa ( SP190) or catching A traditional Mijas Burro Taxi pulled by a donkey .

Let Panoramic villas help choose your Perfect Mijas Villa.

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